Best Apps That Pay $100 a Day On Your Phone (Free Registration)

Are you looking for ways to make money online with your smartphone? Here are legit apps that pay $100 a day with free sign up bonus.

Their are some android apps that pays $10 as welcome bonus for new users and most apps pay you $50 for inviting your friends and even!es to downl0ad and join the app.

Making money online these days is no more a news it has become culture that people now prefer to work online using their phone than to go outside their home.

There are many apps which you make use of daily to entertain yourself and chat with your friends yet you do not earn from them.

What if I show you how to earn real money from some of the apps on your phone, how will you feel?

You can earn over $1,000 in a week as a student or graduate in South Africa, USA, UK, Philippines or Nigeria with these apps.

I will also show you game apps that pay $100 a day, for the ludo and football game lovers to make money online.

I have personally earned $200 this week using Facebook app, discover how…


Legit Apps that pay $100 a day with free sign up bonus:

Get $20 registration bonus and $100 each day for performing tasks on these apps. Earning money to your back account is now easier and free.

With this apps you can chat with your friends and enemies and earn money, play games and make money, some apps even pay you for watching videos and uploading your own original videos.

Making over N100,000 daily as a Nigerian daily is what is achievable with any of these apps.

These are highest paying apps that can help you to earn daily cash without any investment with free registration bonus.

And those apps that offer free money are;

1. Tiktok app

With tiktok app you can make over $1,000 weekly creating videos on tiktok. It is one of the legit apps that pay $100 a day for uploading videos on the platform.

It is true that most people are doing tiktok without earning because they are not aware that earning from the platform is possible.

There are several ways by which tiktokers are making money online with free registration and free promotion since the app do recommend quality and valuable videos to more users to watch.

As a tiktoker you can earn $100 daily with affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, media licensing, tiktok creator funds and much more.

But the most common and fasted way to make $100 daily from this app is earning coin popularly known as (tiktok diamond content creation) a coin that tiktokers earn for free for going live.

Another way by which you can earn money from this app is through tiktok accounts flipping, that is; growing and selling different tiktok account to those who are finding it difficult to grow their own account.

Most individuals are earning between $100 daily to $1,000 and more. It all depends on your efforts in video contents creation and marketing strategies.


2. Facebook app

Earning money on Facebook is the easiest and people are earning cool money from this platform on a daily bases.

If you are a comedian, pastor or musician the easiest app to start making money today is Facebook, you do not need any capital nor registration fee.

Some Facebook influencers are making $100 in 5 minutes from home with the help of their video contents.

The major issue is always building audience to your page. To get start on this apps that pay $100 a day you need to create a Facebook page, choose a niche like; technology, business of entertainment and focus on building audience.

When you meet up with Facebook page monetization, then you will input your account to your page and start receiving money monthly to your bank account.

Another ways by which students and teenagers are making money on Facebook is by being a social media manager to organizations and media influencers.


3. Youtube app

Youtube is a popular video platform that individuals visit daily to watch different educative and entertainment videos, making money on this platfom is 100% possible.

A YouTuber can earn over $2,000 in a month and as a beginner in this app be sure of earning at least $100 daily.

It is true that this platform does not offer free money, but you will earn for uploading quality video contents on the platform.

YouTube is one of the best apps that pay $100 a day with free registration. But to start making money on this app you need to create an account, start uploading videos to your channel and when you hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours you will be eligible for monetization.

Apart from Google buying you through youtube app another way you can make money daily on youtube is through affiliate marketing, and sponsored post.

You can start accepting sponsored post from companies and brands and also make money when people make a purchase using your affiliate link.

You can always advertise your affiliate products on your videos while you earn.


4. Opera news app

Another legit app that helps you to earn daily cash is opera news. A news site with thousands of writers from different parts of the world including South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and United States.

The major means by which people make money from opera news is by being one of their writers.

However, it is one of top apps that pay $100 a day without investment. If you are good in writing news and other guides, you can make money on opera news app.

This apps majorly pay users based on their article engagement which means if you write high quality article that users like, you will give on earning dollars every minutes, earning at least $5 to $10 in a minute is never too small.

You can also make money by selling promoting and selling digital products on opera news through your articles.


5. Boomplay app

For the past 2years, I have been making money on boomplay app though, I just take it as a side hustle and I perform the tasks required for me to earn on this app when am less busy.

For everything you do on this app you will earn. Immediately you register on this legit app you will be welcomed with a bonus worth $5.

When you download music from this app you will earn, you will also earn when you upload your music if you are a musician to the platform.

The platform pays #20 per stream. And thousands of individuals can stream your music in a day.

You will also earn on the app when you drop a comment on any posts on music on the platform. The coins you earn on the platform can be used to make a purpose on the boomplay store.


6. Mistplay app

Mistplay is a popular game app that can help you to make money online by playing games. If you are looking for game apps that pay $100 a day this app is for you.

You have many chances of making thousands of dollars with this game app. Here, you will discover games you will love and earn rewards for playing the games.

Though, they pay in what is call units which you can easily convert to cash and withdraw to your bank account.


7. Rakuten app

Rakuten is a legit app that helps you to earn cash back, that is; this app helps you to earn some percentage for making a purchase in your favourite online store through them.

It is one of the best apps that pay $100 a day with free registration. They also per you for inviting your friends and enemies to the platform.

Immediately you register on the platform you will receive $10 bonus. And when you make a in your best online store through their website you will receive “qualifying purchase” that is; a purchase that earns cash back through Rakuten.

To start receiving cash back;

  • On Rakuten App, click the store where you want to shop.
  • Shop Like Always: Place an order and they will automatically add Cash Back to your account.
  • Choose How to Get Paid: PayPal or check.


8. Uber app

This app is best for car owners who want to start making money. Uber app is one if the popular apps that pay $100 a day. You can earn $30 within an hour.

If you are frequent and always receiving bonuses you can be making more then $200 daily with Uber.

If you refer your friends and enemies to the app you will receive a referral bonus. And people use it daily, in fact it is one of the best daily income business you can start to earn daily cash.



Mine is to share legitimate opportunities to my readers and yours is either to take action by researching more on any of those apps that pay $100 daily to know the one that can earn you more money.

Many teenagers are making a lot of cash daily with these apps and yours can’t be different.

If you are a game lover play game and earn or chat and make money or drive your car and make money online with Uber app.

Did you have any questions? Ask.


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