Best Business To Start With 100k or 150k in Nigeria (Make 5k Daily)

What business can i start with 150k in Nigeria? Below are lucrative business to start with 100k or 150k and be sure of making daily profits.

Few days ago, a friend of mine that just graduated from University of Lagos state contacted me that he has N150,000 and he is looking for any business that he can invest N100,000 to N150,000.

There are lots of businesses that anyone can start with 100k to 150k and be sure of making more gain daily or weekly, but the amount you can gain depends on the location and type of business.

However, the businesses that am going to list here are profitable business that can help you make at least 5k daily income.


10 Good business to start with 100k in Nigeria:

Here are top businesses that you can make at least urgent 2k to 5k daily from when you start it. Though, not everyone understand how lucrative this business is until you try it out.

Not only that, even if you have more than 100k or 300k you can still invest it into the business to make more gain either online or offline.


1. Football viewing center

The first lucrative business to start with 100k to 150k in Nigeria is football viewing center, these days people watch football a lot and starting this business will help you make a lot of money.

The good thing is that you can combine this business with other jobs, since matches usually occur at weekend, except if there are champions league matches that usually occur midweek.

You can turn this business into your side hustle even if you are a salary earner or a student you can open this business close to your house, so you can always open it anytime you are back from work.


2. Mobile Food Vendor

Another business to start with 100k to 150k in Nigeria that can give you daily profits is mobile food vendor.

Prepare and sell unique and delicious street food items in high-traffic areas. You can be moving from street to streets selling cooked food.

You can even look for space where you can always stay under umbrella and be selling to people as ‘mama put’ with just 100k you can easily start this food vendor business.


3. Online Tutoring

Offer online tutoring services in subjects you’re knowledgeable about, catering to students across the country is a good business you can start as a student or teacher.

With 100k or 150k you can easily start online tutorial center, you do not need much things to start this business as either your side hustle or main job.

All you need are; smartphone with good camera, a white board and marker with a space in your house and nothing else.

You already have a smartphone which you are using to read this article, with that 100k you can get a whiteboard and marker and use the remaining money to run advert.


3. Mobile Repair Services

Almost every teenager and adult have mobile device these days, when this devices develop any fault, the owner may start looking for where to fix it and you been someone that has the skill, they will have no option than to bring it to you.

Provide repair services for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, reaching customers in need of quick fixes will help you make a lot of money.

You do not need much capital to start this business once you have spend 3 to 6 months to learn the skill. With 100k or 150k you can easily start this business and make a lot of daily income.


4. Event Photography

You can help people to Capture special moments at weddings, parties, and events, providing high-quality photos and memories while you get paid for it.

You only need the 100k to 150k for advert to enable you get more paying customers. Not just that you need to buy a good camera that can help you take quality photos.

As an event photographer you can be making between 10k to 50k per event. Different events occurs in our town every day, if you are a professional that can help people to cover their special moment you will make a lot of money from it.


5. POS business

POS business a legit business you can start with 100k or 150 in Nigeria either in rural area or urban area, the most important thing is start it in an area that is far away from bank.

People are always looking for where to perform financial transactions with ease even if bank is close, they will prefer to patronize POS agents.

As someone who is interested in this business you can visit your bank to apply for a free POS machine and once you get it you can start charging people for performing transactions for them.


6. Mini Importation

Source affordable products from other countries and sell them locally at a higher price, mini importantion is a good business to start with 100k or 150k in Nigeria.

With mini importation you can be making 50 to 80k per week, just by importing goods from China at a very low price and resell here at a moderate rate.

It is not must that you will have a shop for you to be able to do this business, you can meet people that are selling it locally here and be delivering it to them.

You can always pack the goods in your house while advertising it, and anyone that needs it you can always deliver to them, many individuals have been doing it and many are still doing it while making their money.


7. House Painting Services

I have been offering this services for year’s, and will always recommend it to students and unemployed graduates. I started this business with less than 150 but trust me I gain more than 200k for each house I painted.

Offer painting services for residential properties, giving homes a fresh look, is what anyone that like beauty will pay a professional any amount just to get.

You can’t just start house painting services, you need to learn, and when you have become a master you can start painting for people.

The 100k is just for painting or advert to get more clients as most individual do provide paint for the painter.


8. Open cosmetics shop

Another good business to start with 100k in Nigeria is cosmetics busnessu, selling things skin care products like; body oil, body cream, tubes, make up kits and much more.

The amount of gain you will be making from this business will always be surprising to you. Making between 10k to 70k weekly depending on the number of customers you do get per week.


9. Soap production and sales

I know you must have seen some ladies selling liquid, bar either liquid or solid soap, this people are making much gain from business you see as just a small business.

It is true they are doing it to survive but they earn more money than an average civil servant in Nigeria.

If you are a student, stay at home mum or house wife you can start doing this soap production business to earn money from the comfort of your home.


10. Become a real estate agent

The fact is that real estate usually cost a lot of money to start, yet you can still start this business without a capital. The only capital you need is for transportation and making adverts.

You can create a website, google map, run ads to get more clients with just 100k. All you need to do is look for a land in a nice location, run advert either on Facebook, Instagram or google.

When you start getting client you can always stand as middle man between the buyer and the seller and after the deal you will get a commission depending on the plots of the land.

If the land is much you can making more than a million naira from this business with just less than 150k.



I have been able to show you profitable businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria both offline and online to make money in Nigeria.

However, before you start any business, it’s important to conduct thorough research, develop a solid business plan, and understand the local market and regulations.

With this you can make make enough more to invest and live your dream life. Did you have any question? Ask.

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