10 Best Lucrative Daily Income Business In Nigeria 2024

Are you planning to start a daily income business in Nigeria, but you are yet to discover the type of business that can give you money daily.

Here, am going to show you legit businesses that can help you to generate daily or weekly income without investment.

Making money daily will help you never to go broke again, imagine making urgent 2k daily without investment as a lady, how will you feel?

As a single lady, family man, or student you need a daily income business in Nigeria, else this hash economy may deal with you.

Depending on monthly income might be too difficult and hunger might cause the reason you will start looking for who to borrow you urgent 2k, you do not need to borrow.

Let me show you simple ways to start making urgent 2k daily with low capital, their are some individuals that are earning 5k to N10,000 daily, you can earn more.

Getting started…


Top 10 lucrative Daily income business in Nigeria:

Here are simple ways you can starting generating daily income to solve your needs. Even if you have a salary job that is paying you weekly or month.

Daily income will help you earn daily without any need to look for urgent 2k from anywhere because you can be getting it from your business.

As a student, getting broke in school is never what we pray for. To avoid such you need to get a business doing to enable you start making money everyday to solve your daily need in campus.

Instead of trying to go into hook up as a lady consider any of this business as you can earn over N100,000 month doing this business, and they are;


1. POS payment service

The most common daily income business in Nigeria today is POS business, it has become a means through which people earn money both in rural areas and urban areas.

Even if you have a grocery shop or super market you can add this business to it to make more money. As a salary earner you can use your salary to start this business in your area.

No matter how though things are getting people must perform financial transactions. Few months ago I saw a 200level student of EBSU running business business at Ishieke market.

I was surprised to hear the he makes not less than #2,000 daily from the business. He started the business with just N100,000 but today he has over N500,000 as capital.

This business is also good for single mom without a job, you can get POS machine from your bank and start performing financial transactions for people.

The amount you can make from this daily business depends on the location that are are doing the business, that is; it is best done is an area far away from bank.


2. Food vendor business or restaurant

Our major aim of hustling daily is always for food first before other things, it’s someone that ate that may have the strength to work.

These days many individuals do not cook at home as they will prefer eating in a restaurant than cooking the food. And food vendor business remain one of the most profitable daily income business in Nigeria.

The amount you can make in a day as profit will always shock you! You can be making between N5,000 to N20,000 daily depending on the location and the numbers of customers you do get daily.

If you do not have a shop you can always visit different schools to sell to students mostly during break time. Visit different offices and shops to sell to individuals that are very busy working.

Do not just sell and leave, always give them your contact in case they need your service next time, they can easily contact you and other for food. You can scale your business profit more high if you can grow your customer base.

The major reason why I so much like this business is that you can never go hungry, yet you will still be making good profits.


3. Car wash business

This is another daily income business in Nigeria that can help you solve your daily financial needs. In fact you do not need much capital to start this business all you need is only detergent, brush and buckets.

I will advice you to set your shop or washing center close to river or water source to avoid spending money buying water every day. You may decide to upgrade when you start making enough money.

I have a friend that started car wash when he was in school, he was working in a car wash center and that gave him good experience before he starts his own.

Today, he is earning nothing less than 10k profits daily. And tell me which kind of job can pay you such amount in a day.

Car wash remain one of the most lucrative and most sought after business for men that understand the business. And I mostly recommend city as you may not be having enough customers in the rural areas.


4. Daycare centre

These days a lot of women do not have enough time to stay with their kids, dropping them at the day care centre is always there target. If you can set up a well secured day care centre in a good environment, you will see a lot of parents bring their kids to register.

Daycare business is one of the most lucrative daily income business in Nigeria that people are making huge amount of money from. The major reason why I like this business is that, majority if individuals that will always bring their kids are rich men and women who are always business and their will be ready to pay any amount.

Which means that, this business is best in a rich neighborhood. Earning between 5k to N20,000 daily or more.

If you are still looking for how to start getting your own urgent 2k when not considering this business, mostly if you like playing with kids.

Though, it’s stressful to take good care of kids but the pat is always worth it.


5. Transportation business

People travel on daily bases, and people move from one distance location to another. All these far journey are not made with less alone rather using either bus or keke.

Making money daily will not be a problem for someone into transportation business. Making not less than 5 to 10k daily as profits is possible.

I know a guy into keke business that always make not less than 5k daily. Though he is a graduate but he noticed that no job can pay him higher than what he is earning daily from his keke transport business.

Though, many females has joined these business because they noticed that their are lots of money in the business.

You can even buy car and start using it as bolt to make money daily. The cost of fuel is indeed going higher but trust me that is how the cost of transportation is pushing higher too.

People can not do without going for their daily activities and not everyone owns means of transportation. To enable them get to their destinations they will need to either book bolt or enter bus.

Check students environment, you will see how they always fight for buses each day, do you know how much you can make carrying students to school in the morning and when school dismissed?

In fact, transportation business is one of the top daily income business in Nigeria today.


6. Dry cleaning business

Dry cleaning is not just a lucrative business but one of the best daily income business in Nigeria that people are currently doing to earn money on daily bases.

One pair of cloth can cost not less than N200 to wash it, and this does not take more than 2 minutes to wash. As a dry cleaner you can make above 7k in a day.

Many individuals are busy these days finding it difficult to create chance to wash their clothes, helping them to solve these issues while you earn is not a big deal.

To start this business is very simple and anyone can, if you do not have enough money to get started why not buy some basic things like; hangers, and buckets? When you make enough money you can then go for a washing machine.

This business is always good to start in urban areas or areas where businessmen live.

If you think that this business is what you can do trust me you will make a lot of cash from it, it is true that I can’t guarantee you of earning huge without building customers base, but I can assure you that you will earn more than expected as time goes on.


7. Phone repair business

Another lucrative daily income business in Nigeria currently is repairing of phones. People are making cool cash from this business. Learning this business will not at least 6 months and after then you can open your own and get started.

Even you that is reading this article is making use of mobile phone. When the device have any issue did you throw it away? No, I believe you take it to phone repairer to repair for you and you pay for it.

A phone repair can make not less than 5k daily depending on the location. If you are in a city earning more than that is as simple as ABC.

You will be the one to get tired. As you will keep on receiving different phones from people. But if you want to make more money from this business you can start selling phone accessories too.


8. Selling of raw foods

Not everyone eat in the restaurants and any families enter market everyday to buy what they can prepare. It is no more news that things are cost now, yet people can’t do without purchasing foods.

Visit market during weekend and see the kind of crowds you will see buying different raw foods these market men and women are always business making sales.

Selling of raw foods is a good daily income business in Nigeria that is sure of making you money.

You can be selling; raw rice, beans, garri and much more as those are common raw foods Nigerians always buy.


9. Barbing salon

I have beeing into this business for more than 8years. With a wel-equiped shop and busy environment trust me, making at least 5k to 10k a day is not a big deal.

Most barbers are earning up to 20k per day from this daily income business in Nigeria. The lowest amount you can have your haircut now in the city is N500. If you can barb at least 10 persons a day that is N5,000.

Starting this business is not as difficult as you may think; with a clipper, generator and a sit your are already set for business.

Just make sure you open your shop in a busy area, mostly students environment as students always like to look neat always.


10. Affiliate marketing

Another lucrative online daily income business in Nigeria that you can make money from is Affiliate marketing. An online business that helps you to sell other people’s products and earn a commission.

Here, you do not need to create any product, just register on any affiliate platform and get a product that you can promote and for each sales you make you will get a commission.

The amount you can earn from this business is limitless. And you can be doing this business from the comfort of your home with just your smartphone.



I have been able to show you best daily income business in Nigeria that you can start and make money without much capital, this businesses are carefully selected based on lucrative and start up capital.

You just need to understand that location plays an important role when starting any business, business like POS business can even do better in rural area but car wash business can’t work well in rural area as only few individual wash their car at the car wash.

However, these businesses we have pointed out can help you earn urgent 2k daily without much investment.

Did you have any question? Ask.

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