10 Best Handwork To Learn In Nigeria 2024 (Ladies and Guys)

There are some craft you can learn within 3 to 6 months and start making money as a lady, guy, student or graduate who is looking for richest handwork to learn in Nigeria.

I always advice student to have a handwork mostly before entering University as that will help them to be financially free without always depending on their parent for all their financial needs.

If you can learn any lucrative handwork or skill after secondary school you can be making money from your handwork while in university.

And in case you didn’t have any skill and you are looking for richest handwork you can learn after NYSC or before traveling outside Nigeria, the ones am about to reveal to you is all you need to learn before leaving Nigeria.

In case you are confused about which is better to start between handwork or business am also going to answer it before the end of this article.

Getting started…


Richest handwork to learn in Nigeria

These are daily income handwork you need to learn in Nigeria as a guy or lady before getting married as any of this skill can help to boost your cash flow.

Handwork to learn in Nigeria

With this vocational skills you can make money as a girl without having to depend on any man. As a guy you can earn money from this handwork to take care of your family.


1. Tailoring

The first best handwork to learn in Nigeria which I can recommend for young ladies or guys is tailoring. It is a very lucrative handwork which you can learn within 6 months to 1 year.

You can learn tailoring as an apprentice under an experienced tailor or you enroll into a fashion school.

If you are very skillful with this handwork and you are business oriented you can earn lots of cash by sew cloths to different individuals.

For those looking for the richest handwork in Nigeria for ladies tailoring is what you can consider. But, make sure you get registered in a shop or school with an experience tailor that always have work since this handwork requires participant observation as a means of learning.


2. Hair barbing

Almost all the men do have their hair cut even most ladies do barb their hair too and for that, hair barbing have becomes one of the most profitable handwork to learn in Nigeria for both men and ladies.

I do recommend this skill mostly to guys, but as a lady who understand business and you can learn this handwork, when you open your barbing salon you will see how men will be standing on queue just for you to barb them.

But, as a guy who is planning of learning handwork after secondary school or handwork you can combine with school then I will recommend barbing because I have been a barber since my secondary school.

You can learn barbing by registering as an apprentice in any barbing salon, this handwork also involve participants learning which means, you need to be observing, barbing while you learn.

After learning you can decided to open yours or starting working in any barber shop close to you.


3. Makeup artist

Makeup artist is one of the best handwork for ladies to learn in Nigeria and make money daily or weekly depends on how you are getting customers.

An average makeup artist make over N5,000 daily which means as a lady with makeup skill you don’t need to depend on any guy for your urgent2k, you can simply earn more than that with your high income skill.

In case you don’t know, a makeup artist is a person that applies cosmetics products to the face of a customer to look beautiful.

To learn this handwork you can register in any makeup studio and serve as their apprentice or you can learn this handwork on YouTube.

Ladies mostly apply makeup on special occasion like, birthday, graduation, and wedding not just that movie producers do employ makeup artists to do makeup for both make and female actors.

You can learn make up articles within 3 months or 6 months depending on how fast you are in learning.


4. House painting

The richest handwork to learn in Nigeria currently is house painting. Everyday people are building houses in different locations as someone with this skill, just only one contract can change your life for good.

If you are too good in house painting getting work may not be hard if you understand partnership in business for a start, you can work as an individual with your own team once you are well known.

To learn house painting with 3 months to six month in Nigeria from an experience house painter.


5. CCTV Installation

CCTV installation is one of the latest handwork for a guy to learn in Nigeria and make money by helping people to install CCTV cameras in their homes and offices.

People install CCTV surveillance at work or home for;

  • Crime Prevention
  • Reduce Security Costs
  • Deterring Vandalism
  • Provides Camera Footage for Evidence
  • Handling Disputes
  • Monitoring Staff
  • Visibility of Entire Business Premises
  • Reduce Insurance Claims and Premiums.

Because of the above reasons, this handwork has been very profitable in Nigeria lately.

Though, it’s good to learn some ideas online, but it is best for you to meet a profession in CCTV installation to learn.


6. Photography

People do visit studio on a daily bases for photo and video shoot, as this help people create beautiful memory you can use this chance to earn high income from this handwork in Nigeria.

Photography is a good handwork to learn in Nigeria before traveling abroad. People doing birthday, wedding and other ceremonies are always in need of a photographers.

You can learn this handwork by registering with a professional photographer and it may take between 6 months to 1year to learn this work.


7. Plumbing

Plumbing is a profitable daily income handwork to learn in Nigeria to be able to earn money to your wallet. Though, I have been selling plumbing materials for more than 3 years now, but I regret not learning this handwork.

Almost everyday, people do come to my shop looking for plumber, but since I didn’t have the skill, I will have no option than to direct them to someone with the skill.

Plumbing entails creating pipes to channel water and sewage and you can learn this work by serving as an apprentice or learning in trade school.

To learn this lucrative handwork may take more than 1year. But you need connection or have shop in a visible area in the city to enable you get work.


8. Handbags making

Since my girl friend finished learning how-to make bags, she has stopped asking me for urgent2k as she used to, she now earn how own money by designing and selling bags.

For ladies, their dressing is incomplete without beautiful handbag, you can learn how to make different kind of male and females bags from any professional and start making your money.

Companies like, Gucci, Vendi and other luxury designers started from somewhere, though, before you venture into this business you need to learn the act of making a bag.


9. Snacks making

Apart from snacks serving as appetizer, it a priceless food individuals use to quench hunger mostly when it goes with your favorite beverage.

Snacks making is a lucrative handwork for ladies and guy to learn, you can learn this on YouTube or by meeting someone that knows how to do it.

I have personally seen, a young lady making over 300k by selling snacks, she the major distributor to almost all the super markets in our location.

You can learn snacks making within a week or 1 months.


10. Mobile phone repair

Mobile phone technicians are earning real money daily by helping individuals to prepare their mobile phones. Laptops, tablets, and phone do malfunction most times and it will need service of a good phone repairer to make it function normal again.

It’s a good handwork to learn in Nigeria as a guy in fact, it is one of the best skill you need to have before leaving Nigeria to other country.

Mobile phone repairers work is not limited to flashing out viruses from phone, changing phone touch pad and screen and lot more.


List of skills to learn in Nigeria:

These are best skills for ladies and guys to learn in Nigeria. Even if you are a stay at home mom, or young guy or girl that want to start making money from home, this hand skills will help you.

  • Soap making
  • Graphics designing
  • Video editing
  • Content writing.



Now, you have the list of handwork to learn in Nigeria as a lady, guy, student or graduate who want side hustle or means to boost your income.

Most of those skills are also very good to have as someone that want to travel to countries like; USA, UK, South Africa and more.

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