10 Hidden Business Opportunities In Nigeria To Make Money 2024

Are you looking for lucrative untapped business that you can start in 2024? Here are top hidden business opportunities in Nigeria you can start to earn money even without investment.

These businesses are very lucrative, and few that are doing it are very successful, I call it Obi Cubana and Dangote business secrets.

Make sure You read this article in-between the lines, to avoid missing any thing you ought to know. How will you feel if you discover a business idea that can generate N100,000 daily for you?

While some business sectors are well-known and explored, there are numerous hidden business opportunities that remain untapped.

These opportunities have the capacity to bring in huge profits for entrepreneurs and investors who are willing to take the risk.

And they are:


Waste Management

Waste management refers to the various ways to manage and dispose of wastes. It can be by discarding, destroying, processing, recycling it involves the removal of human wastes.

Nigeria faces alot of waste management challenge. The country generates tons of waste daily, and efficient waste management systems are lacking.

Setting up waste recycling plants, waste collection services. conversion plants can offer sustainable and profitable business opportunities to the individual or to the county at Large.


Solar installation

With Nigeria’s abundant sunlight especially here in Abakaliki, solar energy presents a important business opportunity. The country has a high demand for alternative energy sources, and solar power can be leveraged to meet this demand.

Today the power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) is annoying and disappointing. I know you’re aware of the fuel subsidy removal in the country thereby making everything more complicated.

Imagine someone who needs to type an urgent document in an office due to the poor electricity distribution and the annoying fuel price can lead to the bankrupt of the company. Due to low electricity.

Investing in solar panel manufacturing, solar system installation, or solar equipment distribution can be highly profitable in Nigeria.

I urge the investors to invest in this aspect of the business. The individuals, firms and government will benefit from this.


Agriculture business

Agriculture is the art or science of cultivating the ground; including the harvesting of crops, rearing and management of livestocks.


According to the definition above, in agricultural aspect of it it is divide into many we have the poultry, crop farming e.t.c

Now I will start by poultry according to Wikipedia” Poultry are domesticated birds kept by humans for the purpose of harvesting useful animal products such as meat, eggs or feathers”the practice of raising poultry is known as poultry farming.

These birds are nurtured for sometime before been sold or when it began to lay eggs.

This is a very lucrative Business that is only done by few people although it is stressful doing it.


Nigeria has a favorable climate for a large population that requires food. There are potential business opportunities in agricultural production, processing, and distribution.

Investing in modern farming techniques and development, or ventures into food processing can be highly profitable.

In Nigeria today not everyone wants to work on the farm, everyone is aspiring for a White collar job. Even the government doesn’t invest in agricultural sector.

In this sector we produce different foods like cassava flakes, yam, rice, vegetables e.t.c.

It is very lucrative and once venture into it you’ll be successful. It is very lucrative and it requires time and energy.


Real Estate Investment

Another hidden business opportunities in Nigeri is real estate investment, which refers to producing, buying, and selling property.

In Nigeria today I can say that all fingers are not equal. Not everyone can acquire a luxury apartments or live in lekki or banana Island.

The demand for affordable housing in Nigeria is immense, particularly in urban areas.

The real estate market still has untapped business opportunities, such as building and renting out affordable apartments, providing mortgage and construction financing, or developing gated communities.

It is necessary to remember the less privilege people in the urban areas of the state.


Okirika Business

Okirika business is the importation of farily used clothes for sale. Many in Nigeria today can not afford to purchase a new and expensive clothes.

They Rather prefer the okirika that is imported from abroad. Especially those who are living the rural areas they do not have much money on them.

This business is untapped, people doing this business is not much in the country they seems it is inferior to do that business. People rejects the business.

It is a nice business for beginners and already business mogul who is interested in excel in Life.



The e-commerce industry is on of the untapped successful business ideas. Many people Excel in this areas.

For example like Jumia and jiji they’ve established a strong online store, there is still room for Starting an online store, developing e-commerce software, or providing logistics and delivery services are potential opportunities in this sector.

These sector can also provide uber driver where you will be ordered online to come and provide service for people. Carrying and stopping them in their destination.

This is always successful in a areas like Lagos, Abuja, Delta States e.t.c. it is made up of busy and business people who atimes have to order Uber for their daily activities.

In some extent you can begin to Ship goods like raw materials from Nigeria to different part of the world. Where you begin to earn in different currencies

The E-commerce is attached with alot of benefits, it makes one independent, self employed e.t.c.


Nylon Production

Nylon production business is a very good business anybody could actually start up in Nigeria and start making some real profits. The business is quite profitable.

The demand for nylon on daily basis in Nigeria is too much. it is used in so many ways such as bagging, shopping, packaging, etc.


Nylon manufacturing industry, you’ll need to purchase a nylon bag making machine. For the production of nylon there must be up to 200k capital for a start.

It can be sold commercially and domestically. Nylon is used by market women, international business men for keeping of stuff and carrying items.

90% of the people in Nigeria today uses Nylon daily.


Ice Block Product And Sales

This is another lucrative business ideas ideas for entrepreneurs, students even for everyone. It is very easy to start up this ice block production.

It is very lucrative because the product is always needed by many people.

It is done by fetching water into the nylon bag and preserve it in the ice block making machine for it to solidify. Then you can start selling.

The demand is very high in today’s world there are lot of people who hawk minerals,waters on the traffic. They do not have freezer, Ice block can be supplied to them.

In an event like wedding, burial graduation ceremonies e.t.c you can also supply as well. The invite guests can’t be left alone without drinking chill water.

This business is stress free and simple to start up.


Graphics Design And Digital Marketing

Now, when we talk about graphics design and digital marketing they interchangeable. People mistake them for each other.

What is graphic design? According to oxford dictionary” The visual design and layout of communications materials, such as logos, documents, signs, brochures, etc.”

Today, business owners cannot do without the help of the graphics designers. Their functions is to help them brand their businesses make logo and using the logo to advertise the products. They also uses it to send people good will messages.

Digital marketing in the other hand is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

Digital marketers are needed in most firms to create awareness of the goods they sell. Digital marketers create post, contents, interact e.t.c to fascinate the company into the right path with customers.

The both look thesame right? Digital marketing goes with graphic design same as the graphics design also goes with digital marketing. They cannot do without each other. There is intermarriage between them.

It is very lucrative because it is a home based business business you can work anywhere once you have access to the data connection and your mobile phone.

It is one the fast growing business opportunities for Nigeria, the interested part of it is that you can stay here in Nigeria and work with someone who is abroad.


Day Care

Day care refers to the care provided for infants, adults and school-aged children, either in their own homes, in the home of a relative. Or the residents of the person who owns the day care.

Here you don’t need any capital just your home.

In today’s world people give birth to children, but they’re likely to be too busy with their jobs. In some offices children are not permitted.

They pay some group of people who will take care of their babies or their aged parents for them. They provide the necessary materials needed for the up keep.

It is very lucrative in today’s world and they earn huge amount depending on the agreement between the two parties.


List of untapped business in Nigeria

  • Waste Management
  • Solar
  • Agriculture
  • Real estate
  • Okirika business
  • E-commerce
  • Nylon production
  • Ice block production and sales
  • Graphic design and digital marketing
  • Day Care.

I have been able to reveal the major hidden business opportunities in Nigeria you make like to start, this businesses are not limited to entrepreneur, students or stay at home moms.

These business can help you to make money even while staying at home. Business like graphic designing does not require you going out before you can offer your services.

With your smartphone and PC you can make money in this digital world. I wish you success in your business journey.

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