Best Business to Make #2,000 Daily In Nigeria (Without Investment)

Are you looking for what you can be doing to earn urgent 2k every day? In this article, am going to show you legit online business in Nigeria you can do to earn 2000 naira daily.

If you have a girl friend that is always asking you for urgent 2k, 3k or 5k to solve her immediate needs, then, the business am about to point out here is for you.

It is true that country is hard now, but, if I show you how to earn in dollars, will you be able to work from home and get the money?

Many individuals are making more than N5,000 daily either playing games, chatting with lonely women and reading news and get paid in Nigeria.

As a girl you can even make at least $100 daily on TikTok app from the comfort of your home. Laziness and inability to think are the major limiting factors which is why you are always looking for urgent 2k loan.

Here, am not going to show you how you can continue borrowing loan, rather simple things you can be doing everyday to make urgent 2k.

Many individuals are even making money everyday creating and uploading quality videos on YouTube and google is paying them in dollars and what is stopping you?

Below are the legit business that you can do now to make urgent 2k, 5k and even 10k daily without any investment and free registration.


How to earn urgent 2k online daily in Nigeria:

Earning money directly to your bank account in Nigeria with your smartphone is now much easier than ever, with the help of some mobile apps and sites you can make money online today.

If you want to stop borrowing urgent 2k everyday from your friends then, these business will help you make money today.

Achieving N2,000 daily in earnings may require time, effort, and effective marketing strategies.

It’s crucial to thoroughly research your chosen business model, identify your target audience, and have a solid plan in place to achieve your financial goals.


1. Digital Product Sales:

If you want to start making at least 2,000 naira daily online in Nigeria you can start selling digital products like; eBooks, courses, software, etc.

People are making thousands of dollars daily by selling digital products to people online, you can write an ebook on a particular topic of interest and market on internet.

Instead of you to look for where to borrow urgent 2k loan, you can quickly market your ebook and make enough cash into your wallet.


2. Affiliate Marketing:

Another lucrative online business in Nigeria that can help you to earn urgent 2k to your bank account in Nigeria is affiliate marketing.

The means of earning commissions by promoting products or services of other people. Which means you do not need to create the product by yourself.

Unlike the first one which you have to create the product by yourself, here you do not need to spend any money creating the product, either you join any legit affiliate program and partner with.

Most individuals are making above N50,000 daily as affiliate marketers, promoting products through digital channels and earn a commission for each sales that comes from their affiliate link.


3. Dropshipping:

Running an online store without holding inventory is not a new means of making money online, people are earn 3k, 5k daily from dropshipping.

This is totally different from selling your own products or affiliate marketing yet they are similar. Here you do not need to create your own product or have the product in your store.

Rather, you only advertise the products and for each sales you make you will earn some percentage.

Many Nigeria girls are doing this business and are making their urgent 2k daily without any investment.


4. E-commerce Store:

If you own a shop or super market you can start your offline business online to earn more money.

Here you online focus on selling physical products online and delivering the products to the buyers just like Jumia, you can be selling phones, cloths and other things.

With this you can easily earn N2,000 daily either as student or married man or woman.


5. Online Coaching:

I have been doing this online coaching for the past 5years and am always getting at least 2,000 Naira each time I need an urgent 2k.

Making money online teaching and coaching people on a particular skill or topic of good interest.

People will like to pay any amount just to acquire a new knowledge and if you are an expert in the field if what they want to learn, you may be the best go to for everyone.

You may be a relationship coach, blogging coach and much more, you can be making more than 2k teaching people what you know.


6. Social Media Management:

If you like using social media just like me that can’t stay a day without visiting social media, then this job is for you.

If you know how to manage social media account properly and you are good in marketing many companies will be needing your services.

You can be helping churches, celebrities and companies to manage their social media platforms while you get paid either daily or monthly.


7. Content Creation:

Content creation is one of the most popular means to earn urgent 2k daily without investment in Nigeria. Many individuals are earn dollars everyday creating contents in internet.

With your smartphone you can make at least $100 daily publishing content online. To begin content creation is easy once you choose your niche and the best platform you may want to you.

You may decide to focus on YouTube, blogging, or podcasting with monetization and earn urgent 2k daily, someone individuals that have been in this business are earning about $2,000 monthly into their bank account on Nigeria.

If you are good in video content creation, I will suggest you to focus on youtube and Facebook while if you are a good writer you can go into blogging but if you can’t write well and can’t face camera but you can talk, you can focus on podcasting.

The amount of money you will be making daily, weekly or month will amaze you.


8. Online Language or Skill Learning Platform:

You can create a platform where you teach people a particular language, it may be a foreign language which you know well or your own general language which other want to learn.

You can always use free platforms like; WhatsApp group, Facebook groups to teach the skill while you get paid day.

A friend of mine who knew how to speak friend was employed by 3 different school to teach French language in their schools at different time.

Yet, he still teach online. He teach both national and international students who want to learn the language and since then, he never look for where to borrow urgent 2k rather he earn that by himself.


9. Website and SEO Services

You can easily make 2,000 naira daily on phone if you know how to design website and you can earn more money if you are good in Search engine optimizations.

You can be offering your SEO service to companies and website owners that need it, as someone that is good in off page SEO, you can earn at least $2,000 monthly offering your SEO services.

But to earn urgent 2k, on page SEO service can help you to earn daily if you know how to optimize an article for search engines.

Bloggers will always need your service, for you to help them write a well optimized article for their blog.


10. Remote Health and Wellness Coaching:

Remote health and wellbeing coaches support people to increase their ability to self-manage, motivation levels and commitment to change their lifestyle.

They are experts in behaviour change and focus on improving health related outcomes by working with people to set personalised goals and change their behaviours.

Most individuals are doctors, medical sociologiest and psychologist which can help guide your behaviors and provide solutions to help challenges which people may have.

You can earn $500 to $1000 monthly providing this services monthly as an expert.


11. Online Travel Booking and Reservation Services:

You can also make urgent 2k in Nigeria by always help people to book flights online and hotels. It may be a foreign or just a stranger in a new city or a busy business man that have no time to book hotel or flight.

The job may be delivered to you, for you to book the flight for their next trip or hotel where they can stay when they arrive into the city.

You can make much money online by doing this business from the comfort of your home.



I have been able to revealed business you can do to earn 1000 naira daily or jobs or services you can offer to get urgent 2k a day in Nigeria.

These businesses are majorly online based and anyone can do it, including students and graduates who are looking for means to make money online with their phone.

I hope you derived value from this article?

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