Make Money Apps in Ghana That Pay Through Mobile Money 2024

I have been earning money to my bank account with the help of some make money apps in Ghana that also pay me for watching videos on youtube and tiktok.

It’s true that many individuals watch videos for free on tiktok without earning, I also earn money when I tell my friends and enem!es about the apps.

If you are looking for ways to get free mobile money in Ghana this apps can help you earn money online through mobile money.

If you’re an online game lover, there are lots of games that pay through mobile money which you can play online to win money from the comfort of your home.

What am I saying; you watch video free on youtube and tiktok you earn, you play game on any game apps you earn cedis online.

If you want to know how to use any of the money making apps in Ghana, then you need to read this article to the end…


Best make money apps in Ghana through mobile money

These are popular apps in Ghana that pay you for performing any task online, you do not need to pay any money before you start, all you just need to do is; download the app and start earning directly to your bank account.

Make money apps in Ghana

Even if you are a student, stay at home mom or anyone looking for side hustle that can help you earn extra income to your wallet, this application can help you to earn dollars in Ghana.


1. Pool payday

I have been earning cash by playing games online and one of the best game app that pay real money directly to my bank account is pool payday.

It is a fun game which I can always recommend to anyone who which to make money by having fun online. Though, it’s number one pool game that reward you with cash.

When you compete 1 on 1 in live real-time games for fun, for profit, or both. You can redeem your cash prices through PayPal or apple pay.

Hand to hand competition that helps you earn cash, in leagues, and tournaments. It’s the best pool game for competing with friends and winning cash.

Though, you have two modes to choose from; real-time or turn-based:

  1. In Real-time you and your real life opponent take turns taking shots and scoring points. Score the most points to pocket a payday!
  2. In offline, it’s all on your shoulders and no waiting for a turn! Run the table and rack up the highest score you can. Your opponent will do the same. Highest score wins.


2. Talkroom

Talkroom is a chat app where people have to pay you a small amount of money before messaging you. It help you to earn money chatting with people.

However it’s a make money apps in Ghana that enables you to pay a small fee to talk to any person on the platform.

Prominent lawyers, singers, actors, business men and influencers have created profiles on this app. All you have to do to talk to them is to pay the fee listed on their profile.

If you are a celebrity or someone want to monetize his DM by chatting with people, this money making apps in Ghana that pay through mobile money is all you need.


3. Fiverr

Another best money making apps in Ghana that pay through mobile money is fiverr an online platform that help business owners connect to clients.

To make money on Fiverr through chatting, consider offering services such as online consultation, advice, language tutoring, or virtual assistance.

Create a compelling profile highlighting your expertise, set reasonable prices, and ensure clear communication with clients. Promote your services effectively to attract potential customers.

As a Ghanaian student whose parent is finding it difficult to pay his school fees, I was able to make over $200 within two weeks of me joining this platform.


4. Tiktok

Another way to earn money in Ghana through mobile is tiktok creator fund. If you are a content creator you can easily earn in dollars from Ghana with the help of this make money apps in Ghana.

Be assured that, you can earn money on TikTok as a content creator through the TikTok creator fund. It is the fastest and easiest way to make money as a TikTok influencer in Ghana.

TikTok rewards its creators for creating unique, engaging and popular videos.



I have been able to show you popular make money apps in Ghana that can help you to earn money online through mobile money by watching videos, playing games or offering services.

If making money easily is your plan then, consider the above apps.

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