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Are you looking for how to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria? Here, am going to show you money making apps in Nigeria.

These make money apps in Nigeria mostly pays in dollars daily from the comfort of your home. If you are broke these days, you are the cause.

Their are lots of things you can do to make money into your bank account without investment or capital.

As a poor Nigerian students who is striving for survival in campus and to pay his school fees, how I was able to make money to pay my school fees is still a surprise to me till date.

Earning 5k to 10k daily working from the comfort of my home and getting paid directly into my Nigerian bank account.

If you are a student, graduate or someone in need of side hustle, this article will help you to discover best money making apps in Nigeria that you can use to earn daily.


Make money apps in Nigeria that pays daily

Real money making apps are applications that a user can use to earn real cash by using them. Most of this apps are service base apps which means if you offer your service you earn.

Most are refer and earn apps and others are game app which requires that if you d0wnload the app and play game you earn.

These applications are free and anyone can use it to make money daily in Nigeria.


Fact about apps that pay real money in Nigeria

  • Must be mobile friendly
  • Have a good payment options for Nigerians
  • Must have tasks you need to perform daily
  • Good reviews on play store or app store
  • Strong security and date privacy.


How to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria

There are several ways by which people make money online into their Nigerian bank account through some sites and apps. Working from home and get paid in dollars.

If you are a freelancer or planning to be one, the jobs, sites and apps am about to show you here will not only help you to earn in dollars but help you earn money daily into your bank account.

Make money apps in Nigeria

You do not need to ask anyone to borrow you urgent 2k you can consider working and getting that urgent 2k everyday from the comfort of your home.

There are some apps that pay you for playing games, making purchases, and chatting with lonely individuals.

However, make sure you read this article to the end to enable you get the full gist.

Let go…

1. YouTube

Youtube is one of the best apps to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria. Many video content creators are making thousands of dollars daily just by creating video contents and publish on youtube app.

If you are a comedian or you have any skill you can start posting funny skits or teaching people what you know while you earn. To start earning on youtube is very simple.

Create a YouTube channel, choose a niche; entertainment, business or any niche that you have passion for. Making not less than N100,000 monthly as a YouTuber is very possible and you can even earn more if you are good at what you do.

Creating high quality original video contents will help you to earn more if you are delivering values, make your subscribers increase and get monetized when you meet up with YouTube requirements.


2. Social media management

I have been helping many brands, comedian and churches to manage their pages and I can confirm it you that social media management is actually a good job that any one can do to earn money into their bank account.

Even if you are a full time student this job is good for you to always earn your urgent 2k. To get started; you can create portfolio stating what you can do.

Contact different brands and churches that you are a good social media manager that you can help them to manager their online platform perfectly.

Many social media influencers are always busy to reply comments, messages or block people going against the platform rules. You can take up this job and work for many location and international companies from the comfort of your home.


3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the trending lucrative online business that people are making money from. This business does not need any capital or investment to start, with just your mobile phone you can get started.

This business only involves you selling digital products, that is you do not need to have the product rather just register an account on any affiliate marketing platforms, select products based on your niche and start marketing.

Though some platforms pays higher than other which means you need to go for platform that can help you earn more.

Earning N50,000 from a single product commission is never too big for you, you just need to know your marketing strategies and each time you make a sale it will be tracked through your affiliate links and you will get paid into your bank account.


4. Freelacing

Are you a writer, graphic designer, translator or web designer? Why not join any freelancing platform and start working from home;

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer.

These platforms helps you to get connected to individuals and companies that needs your services.

That is, if you are a writer you can visit any of these platforms and create an account fill your details as a freelance writer.

You will see a lot of clients both local and international that will be contacting you to offer them your service. With just a single client you can earn up to $5 to $50 without few hour.

You do not need to have an office before you can work as a freelance writer, rather, you can stay in your home and be working for International companies and earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria.


5. Online tutoring

Another best ways to earn money directly to your Nigeria bank account is by offering tutorial services to students and those that needed extra knowledge.

There are many sites and apps like; prepclass, and Udemy that help tutors share their knowledge while they get paid. You can create an ebook or video and sell on any digital platform and earn.

You can also decide to tutor students offline by establishing a tutorial center, you will make a lot of money if you are good in subjects like Maths and English and other science subjects.

Teaching WEAC, JAMB candidates and helping them to get ready for the exams will help you make enough cash into your wallet.

I mostly recommend this to serving corpers that are looking for ways to earn money during NYSC.


6. Blogging

Blogging is getting popular everyday and many individuals are already making cool money from it, unlike youtube where you create video contents, here your focus is write search engine optimized written content for your users.

It is the simplest means to earn in dollar as a Nigerian, to get started is very simple, all you just need to do is buy a domain and hosting from any reliable web hosting provider set up your blog and start publishing contents.

You can monetize your blog using affiliate programs, Google ads, or selling your own products to international audience and get paid into your bank account in Nigeria.

You can be making nothing less than $100 in a month as a blog or even more depends on how serious you are.


7. Dropshipping

This is one of the most lucrative business to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria online, here you do not need to own a product but you can set up an online store and display the product and when anyone order for goods through your store the owner will ship it to the buyer and you will get your commission.

This is much related to affiliate marketing but with a little different, the amount you can make here depends on the sales you make each day.

Some of the popular dropshipping platforms are; Jumia, Konga, Shopify, and Woocommerce.


8. Selling digital products

Another interesting ways to make money into your bank account online is by selling your own product. Here you will be the one to create the product and start marketing to people online.

To get your product to larger audience you can decide to promote it using your blog or by running ads to attract more buyers.

All the money you make here are all yours, unlike affiliate marketing where by you only get some commission for the sale.

You can’t just wake up and create a digital product and start selling, to create a digital product that brings money you need to make it niche based, to enable you know your target audience before creating.


9. Online surveys

Another best ways to make money online into your Nigerian bank account is by taking online surveys, their are many companies that are looking for people’s opinion about their product or service.

You can register in any survey platforms and start taking survey, most survey sites pay up to $10 per survey and you can be earning close to $50 daily as a survey taker.


10. Become a social media influencer

As a social media influencer you need to be very active on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Threads.

It is a popular way to earn money directly into your bank account while you become famous too. If you are looking for easiest ways to become rich and famous then, consider been a social media influencer.

Companies and different individuals are always in need of active social media influencers to help promote their brands.

These companies pay large sum of money to your account for the promotion on your page and this depends on how many active followers you have.


•Facebook app

Facebook is one of the best money making apps in Nigeria that have many ways to earn from it. Though, most individuals visit the platform to have fun with their friends but others go to the apps to make money.

You can make money on Facebook by selling your product on Facebook market place, if you are someone selling shoes, clothes or any physical items you can market it on Facebook marketplace and earn money daily.

You can also earn money through Facebook videos or reels as a content creators.

You can also earn money by referring people to register and use PSTNET virtual card to fund their Facebook ads account.

However, Facebook remain one the most popular make money apps in Nigeria that pays daily.



I have been able to show you profitable ways you can earn money directly to your bank account using money making apps in Nigeria and things you need to know.

Though, their is no assurance of making large sum of money immediately you get started, but you will earn.

Your effort and the type of niche you are, will so much adds as ingredients to your business journey.

Instead of looking for who you can send your account number to borrow you urgent 2k, kindly start any of these above jobs and be sure of making above 5k daily.

Did you have any question? Ask.

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