Business to make money during NYSC As a Corper in Nigeria (2024)

Will you like to start making money either online or offline as a corper? Here are legit business ideas you can implement to start making money during your NYSC service year.

I will also show you best skills to learn during NYSC that can help you earn more income to added to your monthly stipend.

Most corper’s primary place of assigments (PPA) where places with high cost of living and their allawee may be too small to sustain them but adding another streams of income will help.

For you not to always depend on your allawee and build a business that can help you even after your service year, I have compiled a list of profitable skills, business ideas that can help you to make money.

However, I will also show you how you can save money as a corper in Nigeria and have at least 2 million naira in your account before you finish your NYSC.


Business to make money as a corper during NYSC

A lot of corpers become broke immediately they stopped receiving allawee not only that the 33,000 Naira which the federal government pays is not enough for most corpers to spend within a month.


Let me not talk about saving part of it to start business after NYSC, but having another streams of income will help you to save and live the life of your dream during your service year in Nigeria.

And some of those lucrative online and offline businesses are;


1. Start a youtube channel

This is one of the easiest ways to make money during NYSC in Nigeria without much stress. You can pick a niche that you can easily create content around like, sharing how your daily activities are and both while in your PPA or at home.

You can even be doing street interview, asking random strangers questions that will either be entertaining like; funny questions or educative like; asking educative questions that the viewers can learn from.

As a corper that’s teaching in school, you can even be teaching your best subjects on your YouTube channel. When you grow your subscribers and you are qualified for youtube monetization, you will started getting paid.

However, having a youtube channel is one of the best ways to make money during NYSC as a corper in Nigeria without stepping out of your hostel, you can even be recording your videos at night using ringlight or immediately you are back from work.


2. Start a blog

I started my personal blog as a youth corper years ago and today, the blog is generating income daily for me. Blogging is one of the profitable business that will help you earn money during and after your NYSC.

Starting a blog is not that difficult, you can start by paying for domain and hosting in one of the best hosting platforms in Nigeria once your blog is live, you can start publishing articles on it.

But before you create a blog make sure have a niche or the type of content you want to start publishing as that will help you have a clear direction.

You can go for popular niche like; Education, new/entertainment etc. You can even choose NYSC as your niche and start writing every news and guide about NYSC.

You will keep earning dollars both while you are still a corper and when you finish your service.


3. Conduct private lessons

This is what majority of corpers that are looking for extra sources of income do to earn money during NYSC, Mostly corpers posted to schools.

You can connect with other corpers so they can help you get more student, advertise yourself and show them that you can help turn their students academic performance high.

When I was serving in Lagos State, I started conducting extra moral lessons and I charge #50 per student daily, and I have over 70 students from different school that do attend my evening lesson.

And I earn over 3,500 Naira daily, in 30 days I make over #100,000. Other corpers thought I was wasting my time while those that know the kind of money I earn daily who can’t join me started another side hustle which I will also point out in this post.


4. Barbing

Barbing remain one of the best skills to learn during NYSC or before NYSC as that will help you to earn money during and after service in Nigeria.

Though, I learn barbing before going to NYSC orientation camp. but trust me, I was glad I did. Just immediately I get to my PPA, I started connecting with other corpers telling them about the service which I offer.

Many of them started patronizing me, while other who has seen my homework started calling me to barb them too, I charge N500 per head and I barb nothing less than 5 person per day.

Just before the end of my service year, I rented a big shop in the same location while others are moving back to their states, I stayed back and face my business since I already have some customers in the area.

This handwork, have helped me not to start searching for job after my NYSC and I will recommend it to any guy that care about making money during and after service.


5. Freelance content writing

I have personally worked as a freelance writer for year’s and I can tell you for free that it’s easiest job you can start as a side hustle as a male or female corper in Nigeria.

It’s a borderless world and as a corper it is better to maximize the benefits it offers. I know you can write but learn how to write article that human will like to read. Learn search engine optimization and how to write articles that meet search intent.

You will see many companies, bloggers that will be contacting you to write for them. All you have to do is to advertise yourself using your social media account and say goodbye to poverty.

This work doesn’t need any investment capital nor does it requires going to office or shop. You can stay in your hostel, PPA or anywhere that you feel comfortable and do your job.


6. Video editing

Corpers that knows how to edit videos mostly skits are making huge amount of money daily, not just that you can also teach the skill and get paid.

Most individuals create many videos on how to edit captivating videos and start selling as a course. You may even see many individuals running ads on Facebook about how to edit videos.

I know it may be common to you, but trust me you will earn a lot as a corper editing videos for influencers or skit makers. You can learn this skill within one month and start marketing.

Even after your NYSC, you will see many skit or film makers struggling to hire you. If you are ready to avoid sapa after your NYSC you need to take this skill serious now.


7. Copywriting

If you are good in strategic writing, writing content that can touch the readers pain point. Writing stories full of emotion or activating readers to take action, the you can earn money as a corper.

As a copywriter you can be hired by bloggers, affiliate marketers, companies, to write sales copy or article that can derive sales. Your major job here is to write article that can pull an individual or readers to take action without forcing or pushing them.

As a corper you can learn copywriting online for free on YouTube or you can buy courses and study. This will not only help you make money during NYSC but after NYSC many companies are looking for graduates with this kind of skills to hire.


8. Mobile app development

This is one of the best skill you need to learn before or during NYSC that can help you earn dollars in Nigeria. Many companies are always in need to mobile app developers that can help them design mobile friendly app for their business.

You can register for any app development class or learn it for free on YouTube and when you become an expert you can then start marketing your service to people that need it.


9. Sell liquid soap

Learning how to make liquid soap is very easy and the requirements or the chemicals are cheap too. Though, I learnt how to make liquid soap duinrg SAED class in NYSC orientation camp in Okada Edo state.

I made lots of money during my service year in Edo state by selling liquid soap in the street and people are patronizing me including my fellow corpers.

I usually earn over N150,000 monthly selling liquid soap back then, but it wasn’t easy as immediately am back from work, I will carry my products and start going house by house marketing it to people.

If you are a corper I will advice you to learn how to make liquid soap as that will help you to make money as a corper during NYSC. you can learn it on YouTube or added any physical training.


10. Selling of snacks

Last Thursday during our CDs, I saw a female corp member selling meat pie, egg roll and many other snacks and I have always been seeing her during our monthly clearance selling snacks too.

This young lady, usually sell it off with an hour of her arrival to the venue. When I approached to interview her, she told me that she make gain of over 7,000 each day the we are doing clearance and most times she earn more than that.

You too can learn how to prepare any type of snacks and start selling to make money. Though, the lady I interviewed learnt how to prepare those snacks from her mom, and that is helping her to earn extra income as a corper today.

How much do corpers earn in Nigeria?

Corpers earn N33,000 monthly. This monthly salary is known as allawee. And Nigeria corp members earn allawee for 12 months of serving the country.

Skills to learn during NYSC?
  • Tailoring
  • Barbing/hairdresser
  • Video editing
  • Web design.

I have been able to show you how to make money as a corper online or offline, business a lady can do after NYSC, skill to learn during NYSC and business that give fast money during NYSC that you can easily start.

If you are a serving corper, you can either start learning skill or doing business as that will help you after your service year.

As a serving corper in Nigeria, how have you been earning extra income to your wallet?

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