Best Online Business For Students In Nigeria To Earn 10k Daily

Everyone wants to make money online and today, I will be sharing free online business for students in Nigeria to earn money daily.

In my previous article, I revealed secrets you can use to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria daily without investment with just your smartphone.

There are many online writing jobs for Nigeria students to make at least $100 weekly, but your writing skill and ability to dish out great content will help you earn more.

Most students are earning up to $1,000 monthly and living the life of their dream while in school, yet you prefer to use your own smartphone to watch movies, play game without earning and chat for fun.

Did you know that their are some games that pay real money which you can play and earn money daily. If you can start making good use of your smartphone earning N5,000 to N10,000 daily will never be a problem for you.

If I show you how you can make money online from home as a Nigerian student can you do it? Most of the things you do for fun are what others are doing to make money online.

Getting started…


Online business for students in Nigeria that pay daily

As a university student whose parents are poor, paying my school fees is always a problem not to talk about getting urgent 2k from my parent to solve any issue in school.

How I started earning $10 a day is still a shock to me till date, I was been paid $10 each day for teaching students maths in a WhatsApp group.

What I did to boost my daily income before I graduated from school is exactly what am about to reveal to you here, kindly pay attention as i show you online businesses which pays me daily as a student.


1. Content creation

This has become a common ways many teenagers are using to build wealth before they graduate from school.

As a content creator you can be earning $100 monthly to you bank account in Nigeria as a student.

To get started you can consider creating a YouTube channel, podcast, or a blog on a niche you are passionate about.

As a YouTuber you can be making money online in Nigeria by creating video contents and publish on your channel and once you meet youtube monetization requirement you will start getting paid directly to your bank account.

The same with blogging too, but majorly on written contents, publishing high quality articles that both google and readers will like.

Without any doubt content creation is one of the best online business for student that pays daily and it can serve as your side hustle.


2. Online tutorial service

As a students their are many websites where you can register as a tutor and teach any subject that you know best. Their are lot of students in need to maths teachers to help them in their assignment and difficult topics.

You can register on those platforms and if you are very good at what you do making money daily from those platforms will never be a problem.

Online tutorial service is a good side hustle for student that really want to make money online and stop begging people for urgent 2k in campus.

What can you teach? Crypto trading, blogging, graphics design, forex trading or other online business you can organize a WhatsApp training to teach any of these skills.

Teaching what you known as a student is a lucrative online daily income business in Nigeria that people are using to make money while in school.


3. Freelance writing

Are you a good writer? If yes did you know you can make money as a Nigerian student by writing from the comfort of your home and get paid to your bank account.

Freelance writing is a profitable online business for students in Nigeria to make money for free.

With your smartphone or laptop you can start earning at least $20 to $50 daily for just writing for individuals.

This job is simple it only involve you getting a topic from your client and do research write more better articles and send to them, and get paid.

Online writing jobs for Nigeria students is very lucrative just that most people are lazy to engage in it.


4. Sell things online

If you are active on WhatsApp and Facebook you must have come across online cloths, shoes and healthcare vendor marketing their products using social media platforms.

Facebook marketplace is a general online market for everyone and many students are making good use of this free tools to market their products.

To surprise you, most of these online vendors do not have those things they are marketing, that is; they already have an agreement with the owner of the goods or product that once anyone order they will collect it and send to the buyer.

They make small profits for any sales, instead of using your WhatsApp state for entertainment only why not turn it into business tools.

Becoming an online vendor is a good online business for students in Nigeria that pays high. You can stay even in classroom and be marketing your products.

For anyone that paid for any you simply do waybill for the person while waiting for the next buyer.


5. Rent your cloth out and earn

This online business if good for students with a lot of clothes. You can start renting your clothes to individuals that need it for any event.

You may decide to buy different sizes of Suits and ties and keep I your hostel and start advertising the rental services in your school WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

Not just that you need to get while long sleeve too as many people will always need it for their school defence and others.

Or you may register and rent out your clothes on website like; Wrapd or rentnotbuy. Those platforms helps you to rent out a cloth or sell it out if you wish.

Many students are doing this to get their urgent 2k in campus and you too can try and to make money online as a student.


6. Copywriting

If you are good in writing persuasive content you can make money online in Nigeria as a student. Many companies are looking for people that can help them wrote captivating sales copy.

If you are good, urgent 2k may never be your problem again. As you can be helping business owners to write sales copy while you get paid for doing so.


7. Become an egg supplier

People like egg become it’s one of the good source of protein to our body, students like eggs and selling eggs in students environment is a profitable business ideas for student in Nigeria.

Earning 2k, 5k from this business daily is sure because; apart from eating cooked eggs, we also use it too cook indomain and in preparing egg sauce to eat break, yam and other.

You can be supplying it to students hostel by hostel in your campus, you can even expand to other location if you are getting much orders.


8. Assist with online registration

If you enter campus you will see a lot of students in cyber cafe registering different things such as course, NYSC, registration, and much more.

You can help less their stress by taking the job from them online and do while you get paid.

Mostly year 1 students in campus, you can go to your school social media group and advertiser your business and anyone that is interested will contact you.

Many students are doing this to survive in campus and you too can. It is a lucrative online business for student that pays daily.


9. Sell ebooks online

If you have passion for writing, you can write an ebook and publish on platforms like; Selar, Amazon and other digital platforms.

You can write the book focusing on a particular niche with captivating topic and sell using your social media account.

You can market it using your WhatsApp status, Facebook profile etc. You will see how people that are interested will be buying the book to study.

Few years ago, I wrote a book on how to start poultry farming in Nigeria, I was able to sell more than 100 copies of the book within 24hours because my audience are major people that are interested in business.

That is why I always advice people to build audience that gives money while trying to build social media page as that will always help them to sell their ideas and earn urgent 2k daily.


10. Video editing

These days people consume video contents than text, which makes the demand for video editors keeps increasing daily.

If you can learn the skill as a student you can make money online by doing it. Many companies and individuals are looking for video editors and as a student looking for job to be doing part-time you can start earning money to your bank account with it.

You can also be helping comedians, social media influencers to edit their video skits while you get paid doing it.



I have been able to show you how to make money online in Nigeria without investment with your phone and things you need to know before you start.

These online business for students in Nigeria can help you earn urgent 2k daily for free while in school.

You may not find life difficult when you finally graduate from school because you already engaged yourself with little business while in school which you may decide to upgrade.

I wish you success in your business journey.


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