Cheapest Business To Start With 300k (#300,000) In Nigeria Today

What business can I start with 300k in Nigeria? Here are cheap business to start with 300k in Nigeria and be sure of making profit daily.

It is no more a news that their is inflation and the prices of goods keeps going higher if you enter market with 300k to buy products you can start selling, how much gain will you be making?

To some N300,000 is too small to start a business while to most individuals it’s a big cash that can change their life for good.

Though, not all businesses can be started with N300,000 but it can still make impact in the journey of a business man or woman.

I started my barbing salon business with just 100k naira, but today I am making more than my capital as profit daily.

You may decide to start the business with N300,000 today and you keep reinvesting your profit in year’s to come you can start earning 300k daily income.

It is possible only to those that understand business philosophy. If you have 300k today and you wish to start a lucrative business with it, and going to share with you trending business you can start and be sure of making not less than 50k weekly profit.

Getting start…


Cheapest business to start with 300k in Nigeria

Here are top business you can start with N300,000 and be sure of making daily income. Most of these businesses require you learn how to run it from others, while some do not.

Business to start with 300k in Nigeria

The business of buying and selling require different skill which is a little bit different from offering services. Most businesses are offline while some are online business in Nigeria.


1. Mini importation

With N300,000 you can start importanting goods from China to Nigeria at a cheap rate, if you are still looking for cheapest business to start with 300k in Nigeria mini Importation is the best.

To start this business you need to understand, how this business works and things you can make much gain from.

For instance you can be importing electronics, phone accessories and be selling it to vendors in Nigeria while you make your gain.


2. POS business

This has becomes a very popular business in Nigeria that people are engaging in, to make money.

This business involve helping individuals to perform financial while you collect charges for it. For instance if you help someone to withdraw N25,000 you may charge the person N500.

However, you can be earning not less than 5k daily doing this business. The only issue here is that this POS business need’s capital to get started.

With POS business you can start earning not less than 100k monthly income with less stress.

I have most of my friends who are university graduates that are currently performing well in this business and the are not thinking of leaving the business.


3. Cooking gas business

Since the increase of fuel price in Nigeria though to subsidy remover the cooking gas business has been booming, and those going it has been cashing out steadily.

Though, this business has it own risk but the benefits in it out way the risks involve. To start this business is very simple once you have at least 300k capital to get the gas.

Shop is not necessarily once there is tight security in the area, to get start, you need to rent or buy big gass cylinder which you can always fill in large quality and keep in your sale spot.

Place a banner and await customers troop in. Almost all households in urban areas make use of cooking gas these days and this can be a good advantage for you thinking of a business to start with 300k in Nigeria.

Warning: never do this business near people’s residential areas, stay away from fire or tailor using charcoal iron.


4. Shawarma and barbeque business

This business is good in big boys area, hotel environment or daily evening market. Majority of ladies enjoying eating shawarma due to it special taste.

Starting this business with 300k or above will help you to start earning daily profit of not less than 10k daily.


5. Become a real estate agent

Another good business to start with 300k in Nigeria is real estate business. People are renting, buying both land and houses every day you can become an enjoy that helps people get them at ease.

You may not actually spend your 300k because apart from transport to look for the land and houses you can start this business with 0 capital.

You only need to look for the house or land, call the buyer connect the seller to the buyer and after the transactions you will be compensated with some percentage.


6. Open a small cement shop

People are building houses every day as we all know that shelter is one of the major important need of man after food. You can start selling cement with 300k.

You just need to negotiate with the dealer and each time you are running low of cement the dealer will bring it for you.

The amount you can earn from this business is limitless if you understand business concept.


7. Open foot stuff shop

We can’t do with food, which is why you can’t enter food market without seeing crowd. If you have up to 300k you can use it to start a small food stuff business.

You just need to rent a shop or shade inside market or beside the road where people can always see your market.

You will see how people will be coming days by day to patronize you, so far you always have what they want.

This business can do any where mostly in campus, and streets.


8. Football viewing center

These days you will see men and young ladies going to watch foot ball mostly during the weekend. You you make a lot of cash if you open this business in your location.

Not just that, you can also be selling drinks and meat at people will always like to be chilling while watching their favourite team playing.

All you just need is a secure place and plasma TV and decoder with this you are good to go.


9. Phone charging business

This is a good business to start with 300k in Nigeria, if you have up to N300,000 naira this is one of the best business I may recommend.

The major reason why am recommend this business is because in my area we hardly have NEPA light and that is making people into this business to always be cashing out steadily.

This business is good in both rural area and semi-urban area where their is no constant power supply.


10. Open Tutorial center

Students are always looking for best location for extra moral lesson, if you are good in any subject why not open a tutorial center to teach younger ones while you get paid.

If you are good in maths, English language you will make more money because of population and those are most difficult subjects for most students in secondary school.



I have been able to show you lucrative business to start with 300k in Nigeria plus things you need to know before you start any of those business.

Having the capital is not the issue, but your ability to start the business and focus on providing value while striving for growth remains the important part.

Do not just start a business because others are doing it, make sure you understand the business and how you can make gain from it without putting pressure on yourself.

And I wish you luck in your business journey.

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